Cub Catch-Up (Issue 93)

Another busy term is coming to an end, one which
saw us hand out over thirty badges earned by the
Cubs this term.We were very pleased to present Mike Zulu with
his Chief Scout Silver Award as he leaves us to
continue his Scouting journey in the Scout Section.
He will be joined by Gabor who has been in Cubs
just a year but has learnt a lot in that time.

As we say goodbye to our oldest two Cubs, we
invested eight new Cubs and welcomed six Beavers
who swam up to the Pack last week. We also
invested Liz and Rachel who have been assistant
leaders in the Pack for over a year now.

So what did we do to earn all these badges? Well,
we’ve had a science night with experiments and
learnt some pioneering skills. We’ve found out
about Burns Night, Chinese New Year, Saints and
Easter including food on most occasions!

We took the Cubs swimming at Highgrove where
they impressed us with their skills; these were put
into practice by the team that we took to the District
Swimming Gala where Rohan gained a medal for
his backstroke and another one with Gabor on the
air bed race. We also received medals for the
Obstacle Relay. Well done to the whole team.

We learnt about the bells and Church at St
John’s in Pinner; all the Cubs got an
opportunity to have a go at ringing a bell under
close supervision!

Finally we had a visit from a Royal Navy Medic
who enthralled the Pack with her stories about
life on board ship and taught them some basic
first aid skills along the way.

Many thanks for the support of parents when
we’ve requested it and to Alan for stepping in
whenever we need an extra pair of hands or
some stoves hooking up for making pancakes or
other cooking activities!
Christine Bennett