Was it only a week ago?

Yes, it’s just a week since Jumble Sale Day and the site is almost back to normal.  Jumble 2024 was a great success thanks to the many volunteers who helped during the weeks before as well as on the day itself.

We raised sufficient funds to keep the Group active for another year, delivering top-rate scouting to all of the young people at 1st Northwood.

You may wonder what happens to the left-over goods.  Well, very little gets taken to the dump, most gets recycled in some way.  Here are some examples:

Toys – various charity shops
Some soft toys – Frithwood School for tombola
DVDs & CDs, glassware- Sue Ryder shop, Ruislip
Records – Estamira’s Vinyl Basement
China – Pinner Scouts for china smashing stall
Clothes & household linens – Rags2School (for money)
Scrap metal – BFA Recycling (for money)
Bikes – Recycle-a-bike, Uxbridge
Books – Northwood Lions & Sue Ryder shop