Annual Grand Jumble Sale

JUMBLE SALE, 8th June 2024
Another magnificent effort by all concerned!  On the day, everything seemed to run like clockwork which belied the enormous organisational feat involved over the last month or so.  Never have so many volunteers put in so many hours to achieve Jumble Success!

Thanks to Roxana’s team of helpers, members of the executive committee, leaders, and stalwart friends who come from far and wide to help each year – your efforts will provide the financial means for our young people at 1st Northwood to enjoy another year of exciting scouting activities.  Thank you.

The sale in pictures:

Shoes under the old oak tree
There’s never a shortage of books!
Quality collectables


big Ted
I wonder who bought the Big Teds?




general view
Something for everyone









JUMBLE SALE , 13th May 2023
That’s it for another year – apart from tidying the site, disposing of rubbish, the huge recycling operation for the left-overs, and getting the Scouting Centre back into action for all the section meetings and more…

This year, the weather was overcast, rather chilly, but it didn’t rain!  However, the ground was pretty soft and strong shoes essential.  The queue seemed longer than ever, Roxana’s mighty team of volunteers swung into action to man the stalls and another Giant Jumble Sale was underway.

Thank you to the multitude of people, whether donators, shoppers, sorters, sellers, refreshment providors, or heavy-gang who were involved in this amazing effort- 1st Northwood is set up for another year of exciting scouting activities.

The sale in pictures:

Queuing as far as the eye could see
Roxana ready for anything
Bikes come in all sizes
Big marquee
Ready to go
Pictures to suit every taste










JUMBLE SALE, 28th May 2022
Our first sale for three years – and what a stonker!  Dry ground, no rain on the day, a full complement of helpers, mountains of goods for sale and the punters flocked in with the queue starting at 9am!

Covid lockdowns gave people plenty of time to sort out their lofts and garages, and it seems that many of our local residents stored up their unwanted items for the 1st Northwood Giant Jumble Sale. We were almost overwhelmed by the quantity of jumble received, but Roxana and her amazing team of helpers spent many hours sorting it all ready for sale on the day.

This was the first Jumble Sale since the new Scouting Centre was completed and it functioned well. And the Little Hut had its first event as a refreshment stall.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this enormous community event; the group’s coffers have been topped up so they can provide first class Scouting experiences to the 100 or so young people who benefit from membership of 1st Northwood Scouts.

The queue stretched as far as we could see from the site, and this was with half an hour to go!
Just the 42 bikes for sale!

Books had their own marquee

The usual large marquee was replaced by a smaller one plus two rather futuristic shelters









Alternative Fund-raising
Bearing in mind that we cancelled the Jumble Sale in 2020 and 2021, the Group  lost its major source of income for two years running. While our expenses were lower during lockdown, we still had to pay all of the utility bills, rent, insurance and keep the minibus legal. If you would like to help you can do so in the following ways:

  • Register at easyfundraising by clicking on this link: and select “1st Northwood Scouts New Hut Appeal” as your good cause. Then whenever you make an online purchase at any of the stores listed on their site, such as Boots, John Lewis, Expedia, Argos, Ebay and hundreds more, you place your order via easyfundraising instead of going direct, and we get a donation.
  • Send a cheque payable to “1st Northwood Scout Group“, to the Treasurer, Malcolm Smart at 16 Lichfield Road, Northwood, HA6 1LZ
  • Make an online donation by clicking right here.

Thank you!


JUMBLE SALE, 25th May 2019
At last, a dry Jumble Sale and no mud underfoot! The fine weather brought out around 1,000 punters who stayed spending what was probably a record amount of money – we’re still counting it – certainly more than enough to fund the Group for another year.

Visitors were impressed with our new Scouting Centre, though not completely finished it functioned well for the sale.

This amazing event was very much a team effort; thanks to the residents for their generous donations, the volunteers who collected and sorted the goods, those who manned the stalls and especially to the public who came and shopped!

The photos say it all:

15 minutes to opening time




JUMBLE SALE, 12th May 2018

Well, that’s Jumble over for another year! Thank you to everyone who made Jumble Sale 2018 a huge success – in spite of the weather! The weeks of planning and sheer hard work paid off; the public turned out in force, some queuing in the rain for hours; the stall holders soldiered on through the driving rain  – what have we done to deserve such weather?


We were delighted to welcome Mayor of Hillingdon Cllr John Morgan, Mayoress Fiona Morgan, and former Mayor Cllr Carol Melvin to the event. The decision was made to open early so that the public could get in out of the rain, this meant that the Mayor’s ‘opening’ speech came a little late!

Cllr Melvin performed a most important ceremony for us in removing the first brick from the old scout hut, a symbolic gesture in readiness for the actual demolition due to take place in June.



A few photos from the 2017 sale:




A short video of Jumble Sale 2016