Visitors to our Building Site

Northwood Hills Councillors Jonathan Bianco and Duncan Flynn were given a guided tour recently by Scout Project Manager Richard Plume. The foundations are on track to be completed by mid-November and the shell of the new building should be in place by  Christmas.


The Councillors have a very strong interest in the project, as Hillingdon Council has awarded the Group a substantial contribution to the costs.  1st Northwood Scouts is one of the first Groups to  receive money from the Council’s newly-created capital fund to support capital projects for youth organisations.

A FUNd-raising Day

A group of Bikers called “The Posse” meets regularly at
The Gate pub in Northwood. They held their 13th
Annual Bike Show on Saturday 11th August at The Gate,
and all the proceeds from their Fun Day are being donated to
our New Scouting Centre Fund, around £1500.
As well as lots of interesting motor cycles to see, there were
games and competitions for all the family, a Hog
Roast, music and lots more.

A rota of volunteers manned the 1st Northwood Scout Group stall, chatting to visitors about progress with the new buidlding and encouraging all to play the Buzzer Game. Thanks to all who attended and special thanks to The Posse for making us their charity of the event.


A Simple Guide to Pile-driving

What better way to pass a hot summer’s afternoon than watching men at work on the New Hut! This is what I learned about the craft of pile-driving, the stages are:

  • A 1m screw is attached to the machine, cage door closed
  • Screw lowered, displaced clay shovelled away
  • Repeat above steps until a total of 12 screws have been used
  • Reverse the motor to raise the screws one at a time taking care not to allow those remaining to fall back down the hole
    We counted them in, and we counted them out
    Finished hole
    Hole + readymix + steel = finished pile

    Now see the action for yourself:

Building Begins

Once the old hut had been demolished, the site was cleared and pegs put in the ground to mark out the footprint of the New Hut. The foundations will be built on piles – 30 altogether. For each pile, the clever machine in the photo screws out the soil leaving a vertical hole about 25cm in diameter and 11.5m deep. Then the holes are filled with concrete.

Thanks to the amazing dry weather, our contractors have made rapid progress and have completed 20 piles already.