Beaver Blog (Issue 93)

The Beavers have had a very busy time this term.
They have completed their International badge and
also their Disability Awareness badge, learning
how difficult it is to push a wheelchair up steps,
down ramps and on bumpy ground and also how to
sign their names and find their way without sight.We are, at the moment, in the process of making
Pincraft Easter eggs as gifts for Mums this Easter.
We have four young people who have earned their
Chief Scout Bronze award, presented by our DC
Stephen Plume.

We have had six young people swim up to Cubs
this week and are looking forward to welcoming
newcomers after the Easter break.

From September we are changing our night to a
Wednesday, 5.30 to 7pm. This will mean that we
have more time to set up/clear up and the young
people will have a slightly longer time so that we
can get things done without rushing everything.
Jax Kershaw