St George’s Day 2020

With the ban on public gatherings still in place on 23rd April we were not able to have our usual St George’s Day Parade, so members from all of the sections wore their uniforms to take part in the ‘Clap For Our Carers’ at 8pm.

The daffs are blooming regardless!

In case you haven’t been able to go past the Scouting Centre recently, here’s a picture of the lovely flowers in full bloom in the planters by the main door. Thanks to Paul Akers for planting daffodils and wallflowers way back when life was ‘normal’.

First Plant Sale at the New Scouting Centre

Thank you to all who supported our plant sale over the weekend of 13th / 14th July. We took almost £2,000 a portion of which has been donated to the Northwood Live at Home Scheme and the balance will be used to buy a specific item of equipment for 1st Northwood – details later!

1st Northwood Joins District St George’s Parade

The Ruislip Eastcote Northwood Scout District celebrated St George’s Day on Sunday 28th April 2019 at Ruislip Lido. Groups marched on to Willow Lawn from all directions, a good turn out with 1st Northwood well-represented.
There was a fun game as well as the more serious business of presenting awards and renewing of promises. The photos describe the event better than words: