Scout Update (First News 92)

We’ve had another busy term. We did pioneering
and knotting one evening, and making survival kits
and trying out different stoves and lamps on others.

We had a busy camp at Chalfont one weekend and a
few Scouts took part in the district hill walking
weekend to Snowdonia on another.

We took part in the district activity day and district
night hike and the Jamboree on the Internet.

One evening as an environmental project we cleared
lots of apples that had fallen/would soon fall from
trees at Hillside School. We were able to bring in a
fruit press another week and Scouts were able to
take fresh apple juice home with them.

Also, we ran our Halloween Hell House again and
had many visitors on the Saturday evening. We
were able to put some of the surplus from this
towards the new hut fund.

Finally we’ve done Christmas crafts and been ice
skating at Watford and have singing carols and a
Christmas party still to attend.
Jon Miller
Scout Leader