Explorer News (Issue 93)

This term has seen lots of Duke of Edinburgh
preparation work, culminating in a snowy Easter
weekend on Exmoor. Despite best hopes given by the
weather forecast, snow-covered bogs became a
surprising problem to face.With Gold out over Easter, it means we’ve covered all
Duke of Edinburgh levels this term with Silver groups
doing their expedition presentations and Bronzes
preparing for assessed and practice hikes next week.

We started the term investing eight new members and
have another five ready to be invested next term.
Activities other than Duke of Edinburgh have included
social (bowling), skills (cooking) and local challenges
(sign post bingo.)

Two Explorer teams plus one of Leaders took part in
the annual Live Monopoly Run. Six hours to travel
around London visiting all the locations on the standard
monopoly board. Signing in via an app when you arrive
at a location gave you the chance to buy property or pay
rent if someone else beat you there.

Despite taking place during the cold and snow over a
hundred teams from around the country took part. None
of our teams won but all had a great time; our highest
placed team of Georgia, Miles, Sam, Daniel and Hope
are now owed cookies for beating the leaders!

A small group of Explorers took up the challenge to see
how many London Underground stations they could
visit in a day. They successfully “grabbed “ a hundred
and sixty-seven stations. Next year we hope to get more
teams out.

In the summer of 2019, four explorers from Poindextor
are going to the international Jamboree in West
Virginia. From just four thousand UK Scouts, just over
sixty Scouts from GLMW will be travelling for three
weeks in order to learn more about Scouting around the
world and to meet different people from hundreds of
different countries.

Archie, Andrew, James, Callum and Rishi.
Explorer Scouts
Issue 93