Beaver Colony (First News 92)

After a lovely Summer holiday break all the Beavers
returned full of energy and eager for the new term.
So far this term The Beavers have:
* Learnt about flying in a role play airport and
* Music night – playing instruments and putting an a
musical show for a Scout Factor panel of leaders.
* Pumpkin carving… Amazing designs!
* Taking part and helping prepare for the Scout Hut
of Horror – We had well over 200 victims….. I
mean visitors and successfully scared half of
Northwood Hills – Thank you to all who gave their
time and helped so much, Sharon and I are
eternally grateful.
* Halloween fancy dress party
* Making bottle Poppies
* Attending the Remembrance day parade in
Northwood – I was incredibly impressed and proud
of the Beaver excellent behaviour, even with it
being arctic conditions, (Well! That’s what it felt
like) – Thank you and Well Done Beavers.
*  Raised £142.79 for the New hut fund by attending
a fantastic comedy evening at the Hut with
comedian Mark Jones. Again I am super proud of
the great behaviour of everyone who attended and
made it so successful.
We have some exciting meetings now planned, gearing
up for Christmas, which we are all very much looking
forward to.
Wendy Wiggins
Beaver Scout Leader