Vote For Us!

Our Fundraising Committee has been successful in getting our New Scout Hut Appeal registered with Aviva for their next round of funding awards. All we need now is for you to vote for us!

To guarantee we receive the full £1k we must secure 1000 votes asap as the first 200 projects to get 1000 votes receive their funding.  Thereafter the next 180 projects with the most votes will also get funding. As each person registered on the Aviva website can cast their full 10 votes for the project, we therefore need 100 people to vote.

Please click the link to cast your vote for us. The voting process starts with you registering, and then receiving a confirmation email, before you actually cast your votes. But before you do, please note this is a pretty poor website, and it takes several tries before you will be successful – but please do persevere.

Please note, the name of our project is 1st Northwood Scout Hut Re-build